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advice please

Just bought a climbing Lady Boothy fuschia at 50% reduction today in local GC.   It is in a 2ltr pot, very bushy, about 2'6" tall and cost £4.50.  However, although it has planting info, it doesn't give advice on pruning or care.  

I intend to plant it in the ground against a south facing fence, open to the sky, and it will get about 4/5 hours daily sunshine in the summer.  I live in West Sussex and wonder if it will be hardy enouth to survive the winter or should I just keep it in it's pot for this winter and then dig it up in subsequent winters.

Should I prune it at the end of summer or leave it to die back?  Also will it die back over winter and do I prune it in the spring?

Many thanks for your advice.


  • I've had enormous pleasure from tending a "Lady Boothby" fuchsia for over three years now - I leave the parent plant outside (in its big pot), but take 'insurance' cuttings about now - mid September and have them potted up before winter sets in. **NB: Coastal Pembrokeshire is mercifully mild in winter but can be very wet - hence the cuttings are kept indoors until they show signs of getting tall shoots (a distinctive Lady Boothby trait). Enjoy!!

  • Many thanks for the info which tells me everything I need to know.  I have just been and looked at the plant David and can see there are cuttings for me to take.  For anyone else reading this, who needs advice on pruning, the website Dave mentioned has excellent advice.

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