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My Calicarpa seems to be growing outwards instead of upwards, any ideas on how to rectify this? Still quite swall plant so dont really want to cut back at all.


  • backyardeebackyardee Posts: 132

     My Callicarpas all had a tendency to sprawl but as they grew up so they stood more upright, but they are still very lax in their ways and quite open. 

  • Hello amateur gardener,

    Callicarpas are best pruned in spring. You don't want to cut off all the branches that will bear the beautiful berries. However, when you do it, you need to cut it back to the kind of framework you'd like to have in the future, so getting rid of some of the bushy growth. If it's in the way of other plants now, you could trim off a few offending branches. Otherwise I'd leave it till spring.

    Emma team


  • thankyou, they are still very young plants but I cant wait till they are as big as yours Backyardee! They are like little twigs at the moment.

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