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Should my crab apple look like this?

BerkleyBerkley Posts: 431
Should my malus Profusion look like this? It did have blossom earlier in the year, but ever since has looked pretty much like this: bare-looking branches with blotchy-looking leaves at the ends. Has it reached its sell-by date, I wonder?


  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    It doesn't sound good, but a picture would help.

    The blotches may be down to insect infestation.

  • BerkleyBerkley Posts: 431


     Thank you for your interest, Alina W. Hopefully this picture will help....

  • Invicta2Invicta2 Posts: 663

    Doesn't look brilliant. In the winter you could try shocking it back into growth with some quite severe pruning, crab apples will tolerate this; but at the same time give it a good feed of general fertilizer and ample organic matter , such as compost to boost new growth. If that fails I think you will have to evict it. 

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