Verbena bonariensis

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I have some over grown and out of controll verbena bonariensis. I would love to dig it up but it has beed deignated (by daughter) as one of the flowers for he wedding.

I know it can be propagated by seed but can taking side shoot cuttings work as well.?

Then I can get rid of the messy plantsimage



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    Yes, the shoots coming off from the leaf axils can be used for cuttings.

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    I've taken side shoots off and they root quite quickly. I had to cut plants down in March, by May I had extra plants to put out from all the side shoots.

    It's not a mess, it's a nature reserve.
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    Thanks all

    I will need a lot of flowers but not next year. Next year is experimenting to see how I can get the most.


    these Verb Bon did get so untidy I have to do something rather than keep the original plants.

    I was hoping for seedlings but no sign of them

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    I dont grow verb bon because of how tall it gets but I have planted verb lollipop this year and its really lovely just as attractive but much shorter.

    Hi from Kingswinford in the West Midlands
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    My v. bon have reached 7ft this year and has turned into a thicket and hiding everything behind, but it does look impressive. Seedlings everywhere, so I'll dig up the main plant in autumn and replant the seedlings somewhat further back in the border.
    I found the seedlings from last year didn't appear until may/june this year,but they are already about 3' tall.

    I've also got V rigida which I thought I'd lost but it started popping up in June and now in flower. I'm hoping to get a good batch of rigida as it looks so good planted under some Falstaff roses I have

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    I have rigida and mine did not appear until really late as well, lovely and bright. I have it with Bishop of llanduff and it goes really well. Then again I don't go for subtle.

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    But that costs and i can have them for free.

    I have just taken 10 cuttings off the side shoots,. shall have to see.

    If I have success I can ditch the originals in the spring, if not I still have them there as a base.


    the idea originally was to have them like a lacey screen that moved and could be seen thru into the flower bed beyond, sort of worked but flower bed beyond is rubbish!!!

  • I grew verbena b from seed last year and planted out lots of small plants in spring of this year. So far they have grown tall but no flowers at all. Are they likely to flower now and if not will I just completely lose them this year?

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    Hi Mattyimage I have some of my original plants from a couple of years ago. They survived the last mild wet Winter. I've just taken some cuttings, first time I've tried it. I stuck them into some compost in my greenhouse.

    I can only wish for self sowings,mind you I'm leaving some of the flower heads to go to seed in that hope

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    I made a sort of mistake as I have now learnt that Goldfinches can feed on the seed heads in winter. Should have left one standing

    BUT I will know for next year!

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    Gill - you probably won't  get any flowers this year but they should come back next year and be stronger plants. In some areas they're not hardy, but if they're in decent free draining soil and reasonably sheltered they should come through. They like a sunny site so if they're in  shade that might be why they're not flowering too. 

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    They self-seed very freely into our gravel path, from where I've pulled up young plants and replanted them elsewhere. So  if growing from seed I'd use a very gritty potting mexture. I've also found cuttings very easy: I just cut off a stem beneath a leaf node and stick it in the ground without any ceremony - water it in and away we go.  

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    And if all else many do you want.

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 
  • Thanks for the reply Fairy. I'm so disappointed after nurturing the seedlings all through the winter to have not one flower. They are planted I all different conditions- some inshade, but many in sun, so don't know what's wrong. Hope for better things next year then

  • MIne went through winter well last year (I suspect as it was mild and I am down South) and I have 10" high seedlings that searching online suggests I should move in Spring?

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