To mow or not to mow.........

Just a quick question - we laid some new turf to replace an ugly patio in the middle of the lawn about 3 weeks ago.  Has greened up nicely and looks good - I still have it roped off to prevent dog/kids treading on it.  How long should I protect it for, and when will it be 'safe' to mow?  Thanks xx


  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,122

    I leave new laid turf for at least a month before cutting. I find leaving it for a while gives it a chance to settle and put down some extra roots before cutting and then a cut on the highest setting you have on your mower. Grass right now isn't growing as quickly so I'd give it a trim in about a week and then wait another month as growth will soon start to diminish significantly unless we get an Indian summer.

  • Cutting grass encourages it to "tiller" i.e. send out new shoots sideways, rather than just upwards, thus thickening up your sward. Long grass is generally not a good thing for a lawn.

  • Great - thanks for the advice!  Summer has been so fab, I'm definitely up for an Indian one!! image

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