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Plants to pot in a little wheelbarrow?

Hi Everyone or anyone willing to help!

I'm a total gardening novice, absolutely no idea doesn't come close! I am desperate to add some colour to my very green garden and have bought a little wooden wheelbarrow to house some bright plants that will survive over the next few months.

Can someone please suggest what plant I should be looking at purchasing?

Thank you



  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    It is getting a bit late to plant alot for colour now, try a local garden centre and see what they have in the way of bright annuals for the end of the year.  Later, put little bulbs in it for Spring joy, scilla biflora for example, tiny daffs maybe.  

    Bright colours over the next few months are unlikely, once the first frosts come - and this year it looks as if they may be early - the brighter colours are over.  There are pretty coloured leaves, heucheras for example, the little bulbs will push up through them in the Spring.

    Try not to use very small containers, they hold only a small amount of compost so dry out easily ad haven't got alot of food for whatever you grow in there.  Also they will freeze solid earlier than bigger containers, though most, whatever the size, will freeze eventually.

  • Thank you Bookertoo! I massively appreciate your help image

  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053

    Some pansies will give you colour through the winter and an ornamental cabbage will last until the first frosts. Depending on how big it is, you can underplant with miniature daffs, crocuses and snowdrops. That will take you up until April time.

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  • Sandra, I thought of you today when we spotted this colourful yarnbombed wheelbarrow at the Court Garden in Holt, Wiltshire (a national trust property). Happy to add it to your collection!

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    Cheers muddle up! I always try and post to say I have to save others wasting their valuable time on these nut fudgets.

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