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a very miserable lady.



  • Same down here in Farnham, Surrey and would you believe, it's still raining?! Runner beans useless, courgettes and squash not much better. Root crops such as parsnips, beetroot, carrots, spring onions and radish seem to be liking the wet conditions for some reason best known to themselves. Cucumbers in the greenhouse are the real saving grace, masses and masses of them. Must be the high humidity. Toms, chillies, peppers and aubergines also in the greenhouse are fruiting but incredibly slow. Probably won't ripen. Must be the coldest, wettest and dullest summer I have ever known. Still, hope reigns (rains!) eternal.

  • LowennaLowenna Posts: 88

    Same here down near Land's End - only the weeds are thriving  image

  • LottiebeansLottiebeans Posts: 715

    Looking on the bright side the broad beans are doing ok! But yes I agree the weeds are thriving - I've chopped lots of nettles and made nettle 'tea'.

  • jo4eyesjo4eyes Posts: 2,050

    Just noticed that there are new shoots lower down on my poor ravaged dahlias- let's hope that they get a chance. J.

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