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Hi all, I have a peach tree that is rapidly getting to tall I wonder if anyone can tell me how and when would be the best time to prune it. At the moment there are a few fruit on the tree, lots have been lost this year with the dire weather that seems to have prevaied forever this year. Any hints, help will be much appreciated.




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    Is it a free-standing tree, or trained against a fence?

    In either case they are pruned in early summer, and it MUST be dry when you do so to avoid the chance of disease spores entering the cut wood.  Apart from removing dead, spindly or crossing branches, the basic principle will be to remove fruited wood and replace it with young growth - peaches fruit on year-old wood.

    I'm sure someone else can help you more - fruit isn't my forte.

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    Thanks Alina W,

    It's a free standing tree, as it needs to be pruned in early summer I'll leave it untill then and sit back and enjoy the rest of our fabulous summer!!!, Hope next summer involes a few dry spells to do some pruning. Thanks again.

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    I've found that you can prune when the fruit is picked, around August, with no ill effects.

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