Brugmania never flowered

I have had Brugmania before which never wintered that well due to lack of air flow around them . They rotted rather than the cold getting to them.

But this years catalogue brought plant seemed to grow well from the small thing that arrived thru the post back in May but has Failled to produce a single flower & I'm guessing mid to late August regardless of variety I might have been sent is to late in the season for it to start now ??

Any idea's what went wrong ???


  • Mark 499Mark 499 Posts: 379

    Brugs only produce flowers after the main stem has forked out, if your plant was seed raised or a stem cutting from below the fork it will probably be too young to flower yet also they need a lot of feeding to produce blooms.

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 11,220

    I have had rooted cuttings from the previous year, flower as late as November(bonfire night in fact). If it is in a good size pot, put it in a sunny place, feed it regularly with a high potash feed such as phostrogen or tomorite. Plenty of time yet.

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  • DogbowlDogbowl Posts: 66

    Will take this on board and keep an eye on the Brug, I have been giving it feed whilst watering our tomato's. It now stands a couple of foot high and the single fork appears to the place to watch.


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