Unhealthy Red Robin? Lilac tree too


A long story, but our neighbours were told that our Hawthorn should be removed prior to their porch/toilet being built. Neighbours paid for the removal and planting of the new trees.

The trees were planted this week by the Horticultural company based in Essex.

Can I please ask you what you think of the trees? The Red Robin have a white powdery substance over the leaves and the Lilac looks very sad. I have visited a garden centre today and seen what healthy Red Robins look like.

Thank you in advance.

Shell xxx







  • Forester2Forester2 Posts: 1,478

    The lilac looks very spindly doesn't it?  Maybe the white powdery coating on the red robin is where it has been watered and this has dried on the leaves.  Does it rub off?  I don't think the red robin looks too bad but I would have preferred a chubbier looking lilac myself.

  • Thank you Forester2 for your reply.

    The white powdery coating doesn't rub off and all 3 Red Robins have it. We aren't happy with them and wouldn't have chosen them ourselves. I think we are going to ask for them to be removed. 

    The Lilac is very spindly - we nearly told them not to plant as they looked so awful.

    I will post another photo of the Red Robin.

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  • Forester2Forester2 Posts: 1,478

    I would definitely question those specimens and have a word with your neighbours to contact the suppliers of the plants and ask if you can choose your own plants.  Did you have any say in what type of plant they were supplying and what about having hawthorn again or is that out of the question. 

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  • Oh hi, I didn't see your reply. The Horticultural company gave us a selection of trees that would be suitable, considering the newly built porch on the other side of the fence. Our neighbours next door (also involved) requested a Laurel for their side. The Laurel sits on the other side of the fence to the Lilac. The Hawthorns were the original boundary until the neighbours at the back put a fence up (years ago) and gave the trees to this property. The Hawthorns are the trees the surveyor didn't approve of. We still have a few Hawthorn along that side.

    Thank you for your advice. Much appreciated.

    In the photo below you can see the porch and the Laurel just over the fence on the left.



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