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Advice on moving and cuttings on my Spirea

I have a very nice Spirea in my front garden, It has already given one flowering this year and looks like starting another...not sure if tha is normal...I've cut off the old flower heads so hopefully it'll produce another good bloom.


 I want to do 2 things with it this autumn/winter I want to move it, only a matter of a couple of feet. What is the best way of doing that?

The second thing is some of my friends have asked for cuttings. What is the best way of doing that?

Please bear in mind I'm a gardening keep it simple and in steps. LOL


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 50,266

    Hi Jet - it should be no problem to move, even an established shrub like that. They're pretty tough.  Wait till it's dormant - that just means when the foliage is gone - as that will be less stressful for the plant, and you! Prune it back by a third or so to make it easier as well. Dig it out with as big a rootball as you can manage - start quite far away from the base with your spade or fork, and just go in carefully - to do as little damage as possible. If you can prepare the hole it's going into first, that will help enormously, and make sure it's a good size. Plenty of fresh compost mixed in with the soil you take out and in the bottom of the hole, firm it in well and water thoroughly. I always add a little blood,fish and bone to the mix which is a slow release feed, just to get plants off to a good start.  If there's anything you don't understand just say - it's easy to say something which might not be clear!

    I think cuttings are quite easy for spireas - hardwood ones probably at this time of year,  but I'll  let someone else do that bit for you image

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  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    It looks like Spirea 'goldflame', propagate by softwood cuttings now, see link below for instructions. Moving should be done next month, lift it with as much of the root ball as you can, dig your planting hole first, then move, add some root grow to the hole along with some bonemeal and water it in well at least 2 gallons. It will droop a bit at first, but don't worry. If it's dry water well once a week and mulch it with some well rotted manure or farmyard manure from the garden centre. They aren't difficult to move and should come back well.

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