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We have Pear tree that was in garden when we moved in 4 years ago (now approx 6 years old).

Type unknown.

After blossoming and bearing fruit for first time last year decided to tidy up shape with pruning. After following advice from BBC web site pruned in October 2011 and created wine glass shape without severe cutting back.

This year buds on branches remaining from last season have not matured into leaves, so have had no new growth at all this season!!!

Branches and finer stems are not brittle/dead.

Has my pruning put it into a state of "hibernation" for this year, or have I inadvertantly killed off what was a lovely tree?

Advice gratefully received. 


  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    Have you had any leaves on your tree this year?

  • daituomdaituom Posts: 83

    The plant is MUCH too young for pruning. Let it do what it wants for a few years.

  • ArcharlArcharl Posts: 2


    At what age would you recommend pruning should start?

    Do you think that by pruning I have set it back by a season and that at the start of next year it should get back on track with regards to its growing cycle?

    As it has not developed any growth or leaves this year have I killed it?

  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,414

    Archari, so many things, Pears need little pruning, then we have position of tree, they fruit earlier than apples so need a fairly sheltered position to avoid wind rock and warmth to keep them happy. I have said elsewhere they are not recommended North of the Trent although here in the Northeast we can grow them against walls or in orchards.
    The soil condition is it nice rich loam free draining, they do not like being waterlogged (so much for this year then) a good mulch in spring we would add a good feed of manure although an ammonia potash feed scattered away from the trunk will do as well. Did it get frosted in the heavy frost we had and does it show any signs of black leaf if it did get any leaves.
    With fruit trees it is always best to do things slowly, let it rest then next spring look for life, give it some TLC once you see signs. My Daughters cherry tree has dropped all its leaves and she worried it had gone, no it is still alive, just, a bad year is all.


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