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Hi again,can anyone suggest the best tasting new spuds they have grown as im new to allotmenting and am planning what to plant next year, size of crop is not important as theres only 2 of us so im after good quality spuds ,onions also to make a good cheese and onion sarny like the old cheese and Spannish onion cob or roll we used to get in the pubs in days gone bye, also any advise on stuff that youv tried and tested,



  • This year i grew Homeland as my first earlies  They were quite small but the taste was fabulous  I would recommend them and will grow them again next year myself

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    susan howard2 wrote (see)

    This year i grew Homeland as my first earlies  They were quite small but the taste was fabulous  I would recommend them and will grow them again next year myself

    Homeland -or Homeguard????image

  • I have never heard of homeland potatoes,I have grown homeguard which become masive if left in the ground untill late summer,iI am growing BF15 for the first time which is a sport of Belle De Fontenaye,(Realy tasty),for main crop its Foremost,which  is reliable and tasty,and another one which i cant remember the name of,uggly? but good flavour

  • I grew Rocket this year and while they taste good, they are very pale in colour and leave you wondering a bit.  The best results I've had in previous years, especially on our allotment, was the Maris variety -- I believe it was Maris Peer but you should be able to get a good selection at most garden centres or nurseries.  Best bet is to ask your fellow allotmenteers, they are bound to have good advice to give, especially if they've been on the site for a few years.


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    We grew Annabelle (First Earlies) this year.  They've grown well, we've had absolutely no problems with them in a very difficult year, and we're harvesting delicious oval yellow salad potatoes with a buttery flavour.  Enough from one plant for two hungry people to eat with our supper each evening.  We are very pleased with them and I would grow them again.

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  • I took over an allotment on the 12th of April this year...I planted Kestrel and Nadine 2nd earlies.., with King Edward and Desire main crop to follow...I have just started harvesting the Kestrel and they are excellent (even due to the short period in the ground)...they are cream in colour with a hint of purple...got around 6 tubers per plant and quite a reasonble size to say they have only been in for 12 weeks!! When cooked they are very white and firm with a great taste.

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    thanks for all thye spuds infoimage Alan4711

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    For first earlies 'Sharpes Express' get my vote,second earlies 'Charlotte' and 'Kestrel'.

    The Kestrel can be left a full 20 weeks or until the haulm dies back,they will then produce some quite large spuds, two last year weighed in at 4lbs each, which are good for baking leaving a lovely crisp skin.

    New this season are first early 'Casablanca', nice tasting waxy salad spud, and 'Juliette' , said to be an early main but can be used as a second early, yet to be tried.

    Then to finish off it's ' King Edward' usually enough to keep the two of us plus occasional visits from the family from September to January.

  • my local ish nursery,"Dundary,Cheltenham" has a potato seed sale every year,for the whole month of January,you can buy a single tuber,or as many as you like,there list covers both sides of a A4 sheet of paper,every body has a favorit potatoe that works in there soil,but you also get a chance to try something new,and at "Dundary"the price is very good too

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    I've always found all home grown spuds taste better than those bought. I've been growing in bags for several years and try different varieties's each year, usually 1st and 2nd earlies for bags but planted out a main crop this year in the veg bed.

     I'm lucky in that there is a local potato fair, held annually within walking distance and heirloom varieties can be purchased. Last year I grew - ambo, edzell blue, red duke york and pentlin javlin and would recommend them all.


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