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Newly laid turf

I yesterday laid a new lawn turf and am hoping that the more experienced and knowledgable among you may wish to impart some of your wisdom upon me to help me fulfil my dream of having a luscious green lawn that is weed free.

Some questions I have are;

- Can I feed my lawn now to promote establishment?

- What are the best products to use for maintenance?

- What is a recommended schedule for maintenance and care from this point on?

I have of course made the mistake already of asking our much esteemed friend Google. With varying results. 

I look forward to hearing from you all!


  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Scott you'll have to let the lawn establish first, that will take about 6 months, now is a good time to lay turf or sow a lawn, keep it well watered especially during dry spells and don't cut it till it's at least 5 inches high, then for first cut have your mower on the highest setting it will go. Don't be tempted to do anything this year other than cutting.

    You may get settlement, so watch for it, you can fill any dips with sieved topsoil mixed with grass seed. Mounds are dealt with differently, you cut the turf and scrape out some of the soil then put the turf back down.

    I don't treat lawns under a year old, but see how it's growing next year before even thinking about it. 

    If you need more help just ask.

  • Thanks Dave. Just what i was looking for.

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