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Why the Gap?



  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802
    Gary Hobson wrote (see)

    A lot of the flagship Chelsea programs are transmitted in real time (perhaps a few hours delay with some of the inserts), and don't seem any the worse for it.

    In fact they once did a Red Button feature where Carol Klein walked all around the Chelsea floral marquee, chatting to various exhibitors, and showing us various exhibits, all in real time, and shot with a single camera. It was just as though Carol Klein was giving the viewer a personal guided tour around the marquee.

    The whole thing had a sense of immediacy and reality that is completely lacking in scripted and highly-reedited programs.

    If the BBC can do Volcano Live from Hawaii, why is it impossible to do GW Live from Hereford.

    You could- Monty goes to shed picks up spade walks to the other side of the garden goes "oh no"  forgot the secateurs-walks back comes back again digs hole-dog decides this is great fun and fills in the hole-plane flies over head drowning out noise-picks up rose pricks finger swears...............

    Not exactly riveting tv -that is why shots are set up so you see the nitty gritty how much can you achieve in the garden in 20 minutes-not a lot I would have thought.

    Showing Chelsea over 5 nights where it is showing static exhibits but no practical gardening going on in front of you eyes is surely a different -then it also has in-fills on how the exhibitor got to Chelsea.

    These are completely different programmes.

  • Gary HobsonGary Hobson Posts: 1,892

    I can get through an awful lot in an hour. It simply needs a bit of forethought and preparation and presto.

    The way we're going Monty will be talking about the awful weather and how his strawberries are not ripening; while the rest of us are sweltering in a heatwave. image

  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    In your dreams-

    I was being a bit flippant-but then I spend my time flitting in and out between the showers or longer periods of rain or constantly searching for that tool that is around somewhere before realising it is "over there"-rubbish boy scout

  • If you look at the amount of repeats shown of other programmes on Sky and Free-view, why do they not show GW? You can view previous episodes on IPlayer but I think there is room for more grow your own & general gardening programmes to be produced for TV.

  • "the tasks are not as relevant" ?

    Surely there are no garden tasks that must be done on, for example, the 33rd week of the year. As we all know, plants have no knowledge of the calendar. Thus, almost all garden tasks that I am aware of have a seasonal time requirement.

    In conclusion, why would it matter that the recommended tasks are a week later?

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