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Deutzia - should it stay or should it go now

A donated deutzia has been languishing in the wrong place for a couple of years until the proper borders were reay.  Thay are now so I was going to move it back end. 

My quandary is this - is it of any value to wildlife?  I haven't got much space so everything in the garden has to be wildlife-friendly as well as attractive.

I don't have any particular love of the shrub and my alternatives for the spot are a black elder (already got) or a philadelphus (not got) - are either of those better for wildlife?  I'm thinking the elder is but I love the scent of philadelphus


  • Gracie5Gracie5 Posts: 125

    I would say the Elder would be better for wildlife, especially birds.. I love Philadelphus for their perfume but I haven't noticed much Bee activity on mine, might be because it has a lot of competition in my garden from other plants.

  • HyppyBykerHyppyByker Posts: 146

    That would be my instinct too - so it's out with the deutzia and donate it to someone else image

    Thanx Gracie

  • LilylouiseLilylouise Posts: 1,013

    The Deutzias in our garden are Bee magnets image

    Pam x

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 82,138

    The single flowered Philadelphus (Belle Etoile and Beauclerk) are much better for bees than the double-flowered varieties.  The complexity of the double flowers make it difficult for the insects to access the nectar.

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  • HyppyBykerHyppyByker Posts: 146

    Oh 'eck Pam - now you've confused me!  Looks like I've got to find space for all 3 then - help I need a bigger garden!

  • LilylouiseLilylouise Posts: 1,013

    Sorry imageimage

    Pam x

  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,414

    I have a deutzia that is 20 years old and has been moved twice before it found its place in life, semi shade with afternoon and evening sun.
    It blooms in April May with a mass of white flowers that attract bees and hover flies plus other insects and it lasts for a long time.
    At around four feet high now (it is slow growing) I give it a very light trim once a year and a feed at the roots in spring otherwise it is no trouble at all
    I would suppose that it being an early bloomer it helps the insects at a lean time for them so mine will stay.

    PS my spell check just came up with Deities for Deutzia?

  • diggingdorisdiggingdoris Posts: 512

    My deutzia flowered it's socks off this year. Never seen so many flowers on it and a great bee magnet!

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