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chit chat ( musical )

I love the scorpions track " wind of change"  I Think it was released in 1990s

Are there any fans of this group out there  and if so ,as I love this track would I like the rest or is it different?

I don't  like heavy stuff /swearing stuff    e t c .



  • FleurisaFleurisa Posts: 779

    I think they were a bit of a one hit wonder, but did do albums. You can find their music on youtube

  • Orchid LadyOrchid Lady Posts: 5,800

    I love that song too grancan, Rosemummy is quite a rock chick so she would know about the other stuff but she hasn't been about much (busy mummy).

    if yiu like that you will probably like Every Rose Has It's Thorn (Poison)

    Have you seen the music in the garden thread?

  • granmagranma Posts: 1,925

    Hi Orchid 

    Thanks for your info ,haven't heard Every Rose has its Thorn (  Poiso   )

    I will check it out, I love the Ballads  type songs.

    Going to catch up on the music in garden thread now before I nod off!



  • granmagranma Posts: 1,925

    Hi Orchid.       

    Thanks for giving me the Poison Track ,   YES beautiful !       It's got  My eyes watering

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