Passion fruit?

Can any one tell me if the orange fruit that occasionally develope on my passion flower are edible or not?


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    Exactly the question I asked one of the locals here when I was thinking of planting one. They won't hurt you, she said, but they're not very nice. I planted a vine. In the ground. And regretted it. It took over, not only spreading like the plague, but also popping up out of the ground up to 20 yards away. I thought I'd dug all of it out last year. This year it's raring its head again.

    Never again in the ground. In a container, perhaps, because the flowers are lovely.

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    It depends which one you have, normally if it's the one that can survive outside in the UK it's not the edible one.  Passiflora Edulis is the edible type and you can eat   Passiflora Caerulea but it's not meant to taste particularly nice.  

  • Thanx for the feedback; I thought as much because it looks so different from the ones in the shops!

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    There was a glorious one down the road from us, it covered a huge wooden fence and was a glory year in year out, until the bitter winter of 18 months or so ago - such a shame.The orange fruits are not poisonous, but taste of nothing and are not intended for human eating really.  Chickens seem to like them though - or at least I know some which do. 

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    andwhatsmore hi ,i grew a passion flower in Nottingham ,in 3 years it was over thirty feet long growing down my garden iron fence it grew so thick i had to saw it off the fence to paint it  when i sold up and left,  it was just beautifull, the flowers were stunning and the fruit was picked by everyone walking by they were so sweet,  I think this plant surprises its growers by how strong and heavy it becomes if its happy where it is and im planting a new one in the allotment against the shed next weekgreat plant lovely fruit if you get it right i did nothin special except ignored  watering it and my soil was rubbish lets see if TLC gets the same results this year  


  • My flower heads keep disappearing?!?! Do birds or squirrels eat them? Some pods open and are empty??

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