No fruit on my redcurrant

SwedboySwedboy Posts: 297

My redcurrant is now about 2.5 years old and I think it should show some signs of fruiting. Last year I pruned it and therefore didn't get any fruits at all. This year I have locked the secatearus away but still no sign of currants. The bush locks really healthy with loads of leaves. It gets sun in the afternoon. So what is going on? The British summer???


  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,806

    Have just picked the last of the redcurrants-if you pruned it last year you may have pruned out this year's fruiting wood -so next year as you have done nothing you should get redcurrants-it sounds healthy enough -it's another 11 months for you by the look of it

  • SwedboySwedboy Posts: 297

    Tried to find out when I did prune it. but cant find the old post on the beeb's website. Suspect it was in the sping of 2011 so I though all the damage should have been rectified. These plants seems quite tricky to prune. Too much no fruit to young wood same problem

  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,806

    My rule with pruning is if in doubt dont-especially with fruit bushes some fruit only on old wood ,some on new wood,then there are summer fruiting raspberries that produce canes for fruiting next year and autumn ones that fruit on this years canes that grow in the spring

    It is a complicated life at times-you redcurrant will be alright next year.

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