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  • Beaus MumBeaus Mum Posts: 3,541

    Bumped for cloudy shadow and reminder to cc to update us image

  • Beaus MumBeaus Mum Posts: 3,541


  • Well i've been fairly busy over these last few weeks. I've gone ahead with building a deck directly from the back of the house, its not quite finished yet, as its being built with built in planters into the frame and I've still yet to finish all of them. So far, all is going well, even if its a bit slow at times. I've got to try and get some of the landscaping around it set into place so I can the grass seeded within a week or so. 

    Unfortunately no photos at the moment, but I will get some taken to show progress.

    That little area which everyone suggested patio in....well I've still not decided on what to do there just yet, but think it would be a great place to hide at night due to its natural shelter. The deck is great for sun worshipping as its in the sun nearly all of the day and reflects heat so its a real sun trap, but the little sheltered space definitely suggests a great evening setting.

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    Great to hear you're getting on well with it cc. A few pix on here can help with keeping up the motivation when you get a bit weary and feel you're never going to get it finished  image

    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

  • Beaus MumBeaus Mum Posts: 3,541

    Brill update cc, sounds like it will be lovely when finished and bet it looks really good and transformed already image Can't wait to see update pics even in progress ones as will be great before and afters for you and us! image


  • Bit of an update on the garden progress. I've now almost finished the deck, about 3 or 4 more boards to do later in the week but its pretty much complete. 


    First of all, I cleared the site.

     I then layed a frame down staked and concreted into the ground, but raised from the soil to prevent rot. Its all pressure treated timbers, but it'll mean it doesnt pool water in the winter. The frame was built with 400mm centre joists with noggins in between (for those wanting tech spec!). Planters were accounted for to prevent laying soil over bare joists.

     I was that busy, there wasnt much in between photos taken, but the plot had to be measured precisely so that there was no cutting the boards lengthways and spoiling the look. I went for smooth side up, as the site is south west facing and therefore particularly sunny. 


     Layed some low voltage lights and converted and old external wiring install into an external RCD socket to power the lighting. 


     All planters were lined with 1200g DPM, which is extremely tough, and should stand any root growth. Planters were lined to the ground, filled with gravel but left open to the soil surface so any deep roots can penetrate if required. There is a soakaway built in under the deck which will run into the drain in the event of heavy rains. The bedding beside the deck should take some of the runoff from the large planter.

     I now need to finish the step and fill the planters. I then need to seed or turf up to the deck, raise the lawn in the centre slightly as its sagged with a lift and some topsoil (or top dress and seed) and then work on the surface beside it ready to take turf or seed. 


    Still need to come to a decision on this, but its work in progress!

     The door to the left hand side of this has now gone and has been bricked up. 

  • Beaus MumBeaus Mum Posts: 3,541

    Omg CC it looks amazing image Like something off the telly, what a transformation

    You have worked so hard and so so worth it.  I bet mrs CC is over the moon

    Cant wait to see it planted up now image I know especially Fairy will be well impressed aNd hope she sees the thread 


  • Thanks BM, its been a lot of work, but I think its looking good. It'll be great when its all planted up and thriving in summer. Mrs CC is indeed very pleased with it, and she's already been sat outside on it enjoying the late summer sun. 

    Just got to decide on what to do with the bit in the last photo, still think it would make a good alternative seated area, but as others have said, its not continuous from the deck, and I dont want any more decking as it would be overkill. The heavy shade off that wall will also mean a slimy greasy deck. 

  • Beaus MumBeaus Mum Posts: 3,541

    Hmmm you have gone for a lovely modern look..... Have you heard of matt James city gardener? He had a brilliant tv series few years ago but bet you could get them on you tube image I bet you could get some brill ideas from there image


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