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Landscaping my garden

Hi all, I've thrown more than the first spade into the garden to start my project, but after knocking down a couple of walls, breaking up a rotten deck and sorting a new shed, I'm coming back to the actual design I want my garden to be.

My garden is west facing, 50ft long and 40ft wide. Looking out from the rear of the property, there is an extension garden room which takes up approx 12x12ft to one side of the garden and on the opposite side, is a detached garage which takes up a bit more on the other. It leaves me with a space between extension and garage before opening out onto the full width.

The sub soils are heavy clay, but at some point there has been a half decent gardener who has created some beds with decent topsoil which is approx 6 inches deep. 

Tomorrow i'm having a shed installed into the top left hand corner of the garden, 10x6 which will begin the transformation. Below are a few photos of what the garden is currently looking like:

Getting the fences done:


awkward little space:


old patio & deck:


view from the top of the garden (gap between grass is where the old flags were pulled up to make the shed base)


I'll be pulling this lean to shed down once the new one is installed:


Shed base in:


Wall gone!


My plan is to install a deck the width of the extension from the french doors about 15-16 foot into the garden, and quite fancy a raised planter running the length of it against the fence for privacy. 

I was going to re-cycle the rivened slabs on the higher patio between the garage and extension with gravel amongst and then at some point there will be a union between the gravel, grass and deck but i'm not sure how yet. 

I like the idea of borders having flow and a slight shape to them, however if I was going with sharp lines of a deck and possible sleeper planters around, I'm worried that combining the two might just look a bit confused? The plan doesnt really show that, but it was only a basic drawing to show the sort of idea i was starting with. 

My better half also wants a water feature beside the deck (one of those drilled stones) but again, I just can't really think of an idea which would look good around it. 

I'm having a bit of a creative block at the moment, when I've got a garden which is starting to resemble the Somme. 


All comments and ideas greatly received, constructive criticism also welcomed!





  • This is a mock up of what I had in mind:

     Shed top left, water butt behind garage, deck bottom right with recycled slabs between garage & extension. Anything else is what is currently there. 


  • SalinoSalino Posts: 1,609

    ..the photos are a little confusing but the plan is nice..

    1.   so you don't want a greenhouse then?.. not even a small 6 x 4...?  should you develop your interest you may want one...grow lots of things in even a small one like that...

    2.... one water butt is not enough... 2 minimum for that size of garden I would say...again if you become a keen gardener...maybe it could be added later...

    3....  did you watch the Alan Titchmarsh programme tonight called ''Love your Garden''...  it was about the same size plot as yours... and could have given you lots of ideas I think... it was quite beautifully done...

    4... I do like your street lamp...


  • Salino, thanks for the response. I did worry about the photos being confusing, maybe I need to take some tomorrow specifically for this purpose. Hopefully the plan might allude to what the shape is. I've not talked about any of the border shrubs that are there at the moment because i'll plan all that later once the hard landscaping is in. That mess in the middle where the nice lamp is, was an old pond which has been back-filled with gravel. Its all getting removed so I can level some of it off before seeing where i've got water lying. 

    Greenhouse....not just yet. Possibility down the line for one behind the garage where the water butt is currently, also the water butt may multiply but I need to spend the cash getting the landscaping in first. 

    Havent yet seen tonights LYG, but it has been recorded! 

    Street lamp i'm planning to recycle. I like it too. Just needs a bit of a tidy up and some new bulbs installing. 

  • Beaus MumBeaus Mum Posts: 3,550

    Hi chicken chaser what a lovely sized garden and sure it will look lovely when all done image Could you tell us bit more of what you have ie children, pets, will you use garden for entertaing? Do you have idea of style you like? Country, cottage, modern? Groups of plants you like? Amount of maintenance you wish to do ie cutting grass etc,  Salino was right about the programme on tonight, it was really lovely if you can watch it on catch up? Also budget is important factor as becoming a plant addict can get expensive image Also do you want to grow vegetables and fruit?


  • SalinoSalino Posts: 1,609

    ..I hope someone talks you out of having decking... I hate the stuff...and I notice that you will be placing it outside that extension right by the boundary fence...your neighbour has a big conservatory just the other side...with their windows open they will be able to hear any conversation you have... too close for comfort for me... I prefer my seating areas to be well away from other habitation...even in a small garden... you can usually find somewhere a bit more distant...   just my personal preference... but I know you've already got this sorted out...'ll have to go with your choice there..

    ...but you seem to have a patio of sorts the other side of the wonder why you need decking... also it appears to be in a spot that remains in shade... will need a path to the shed...there seems to be one already in situ in a photo... during bad weather, you won't want to walk on a direct route would be advisable I think....

    ..yes it's best not to worry about shrubs right now... your garden has the potential to be really nice... try not to make it too complicated would be my advice at this stage...

    ..I should add that, there are other members here who do their own landscaping, and some seem to be very good at it.... I hope they look in tomorrow and are able to offer you more advice on how to proceed..... 'Fairygirl' in particular I would single out as having all sorts of helpful ideas on this front... perhaps we shall hear from her soon....


  • We currently have a 7 month old, so a good patch of grass is important and the space for her to play when shes a bit older. No pets, the garden is used for entertaining. We like to sit out and enjoy it whenever we are home and the back extension room is pretty much where we live!

    Our last garden was half the size (we moved a year ago), but most were in pots. Some have been kept, but because we have been working hard on the house, the garden has taken a back seat.

    I like getting out in the garden and when I know what i'm doing with certain plants, enjoy pruning and keeping it tidy. I need to know more about what to do with some though, such as when to prune and how hard etc as I find the bigger they get, the more out of shape they become.  

    We love natural gardens, and a cottage garden would be great but probably too much work. I'm not a fan of overly modern, would rather just have plenty interest with different textures etc and some year round interest. My intention is to have plenty stuff climbing about to soften off the perimeter fences and that ugly garage wall. 

    I know a plant addiction is expensive! but It'll be as when for the planting in places. As far as fruit and veg go, we grow tomatoes yearly, and ive grown chillies in the past but thats about it. 

  • Beaus MumBeaus Mum Posts: 3,550

    That's brill chicken chaser so everyone can have a better idea on what to suggest now image


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 87,850

    I'd rather have nice paving than decking - decking just provides somewhere that you can't get at for rats to live and for weeds to grow.

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

  • You might find the corner of grass to the right of the shed tricky to mow - I would be inclined to make the border a curve all the way round top left to right, rather than having that little bump in the bed top right. Makes much easier mowing!
  • Thanks for the replies so far. I've taken a few shots this evening, to try and clear up confusion if that helps at all..

    From the kitchen window facing out onto the garden. To the left, the garage, to the right the extension.


    Facing the opposite way, looking toward the house:


    Looking across from neighbours fence to behind garage and in front of shed (you can see the roof of the old lean to shed still in place - tomorrows job):

     Taken the opposite direction from underneath the old lean to shed roof:

     New shed!


    I hear what people are saying about the patio between the two buildings, at the moment it is a large expanse of concrete, as is most of the rest of the ground covering around there. The only patio slabs (the old pink and yellow ones) are in front of the doors. It will all be coming up. At some point in the future (within 5-10 years) we will be looking to pull the garage down, and extend side and back, bringing the extension further across. I guess materials can be moved and re-used though.

    No decking fans then? We had decking in our old place and no sign of rats. I am a fan of wood, but i'm conscious that too much of it and it looks a bit of an eyesore. 




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