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I have been looking for cyclamen plugs to buy a large quantity of (about 40) and can,t find them on internet. maybe they don,t come in plugs. Does anyone know where I can get them. Is it to late to plant corms in pots and will they flower this winter. I saw a forum question here on how to get rid of them in gardens, lucky you - I love them.

Also my letterbox is full of earwigs, they are on the letters and they poo on everything. They don't damage anything. How can I keep them out - is there some plant they don't like and I will plant one beside the box, or is there any herby things I can put in the box.

many thanks for your help


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,364

    I doubt if cyclamen come in plugs. They take a year or two to get to flowering size and are usually found individually in pots. You can grow them from seed easily but it's a bit of a wait for flowers.

    Are you looking for Cyclamen hederifloium that's starting now or Cyclamen coum that starts with the snowdrops.

    Or maybe the bright coloured ones that are sold for winter pots.? C. persicum. They can usually be found in 6packs at the GCs any time soon

    In the sticks near Peterborough
  • Hi Nutcutlet,

    I'm looking for some for winter containers and baskets. I seen some in B&Q. they were €5.99 for a four pack. Will try the garden centre this weekend

    thank you for your help.

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