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Chillies problem

I have three chilli plants in my greenhouse together with peppers and other plants which are all doing well. The upper leaves of the chillies are curling and some dropping off. They have flowers but some don't look too good. I've grown chillies indoors before but this is the first time n the greenhouse. Any ideas why the leaves are curling ?? They haven't been allowed to dry out, but equally I've been trying not to overwater - difficult at the moment as one moment it's hot in there and the next it's cooling down. Tomatoes, cucumbers, etc all doing fine.


  • patzzpatzz Posts: 54

    Hi Daisy Cottage, mine too. What a weedy bunch of chillies this year. Never had a problem before in my greenhouse. Weather or compost?????

  • pamajo wrote (see)

     Weather or compost?????

    Don't think mine is compost as all my other plants have used the same compost image Haven't had any problem with pests, that I'm aware of, either image

  • LisaJLisaJ Posts: 48

    My chillies were like that, too.  I assumed it was just the weather before I noticed a load of aphids on them.  I don't think I'll have a container full of dried chillies to see me through the winter this year.  I'll be doing well if I get one!  image

  • Fran2Fran2 Posts: 4

    I have also had this problem with chillies this year.  Have been growing them on my window sill and they have developed leaf curling and shrivelling of the top leaves.  Later, i noticed some aphids on them, so I sprayed them and that seemed to get rid of the pests.  Have been watering them fairly regularly and they are now in my conservatory, though still with shrivelled up top leaves.  Seem to be growing though.

  • ItalophileItalophile Posts: 1,731

    Cut back on the watering. Like tomatoes, chillies react against too much water. Curling of the top leaves is a classic symptom. Let the mix in the container dry out between waterings.

  • patzzpatzz Posts: 54

    Thank you Italophile, will heed your wise words and give it a whirl

  • Fran2Fran2 Posts: 4

    Will certainly try less watering.  Many thanks Italophile.

  • LilylouiseLilylouise Posts: 1,013
    pamajo wrote (see)

    Thank you Italophile, will heed your wise words and give it a whirl


    Pam x

  • I purchased three Janie Oliver Chillies from Sainsbury's earlier this year and have a good yield on all 3 plants but they keep changing colours and don't match the pictures. They are now about 1" long and looking good. When is the best time to harvest?

  • ItalophileItalophile Posts: 1,731

    The final colour depends on the variety, dino. Most start out green with red probably the most common end result but you can also have green, yellow, brown, whatever.

    One test for maturity is the stem connection between the fruit and the plant. As the fruit nears maturity, the stem connection dries out and weakens. The fruit will come away with barely a tug. You can also feel the fruit itself. If it's hard, it's not ready. If there's some give, and you can feel some space inside - where the seeds are - it's pretty ready.

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