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Spent the best part of the day taking cuttingsimage I'm having a go at Bowles Mauve, penstenmons, lavender and some fuschias.

Thought I'd try out a new way so I've cover the potted up cuttings with a bag to retain mositure. So far so good as none of them have wilted yet.Also found my pot of rooting hormone half way through as well which is a bonus!

How long should I leave the bag over them? Is it just to maintain moisture when you cut and pot them on? Do I wait to see new growth/roots and then remove?

Thanks for any info


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    I have never used a bag, they are fine just in compost under the bench or in a frame, just spray every so often.

    i do loads of cuttings, especially fuchsias they are all fine.

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    You can keep it on until you see roots, but you need to take it off every couple of days and dry it thoroughly, or the cuttings may rot and the temperature in it may rise too high.

    You're effectively making a mini-propagator.

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    Hi Lyn,

    When you say under the bench do you mean in the greenhouse out of the sun? Don't have my cold frames anymore.  I had some success with Bowles Mauve last year, both with hormone rooting powder and without.

    Do you think it makes any difference with fuschias whether you put them in water or in the compost like I did today? I've got a lovely hardy one, which was grown from a cutting last year, can't remember how I did it though.

    Not ever done pestenmons before, I took them off the free ones I got years ago from T&M, they were the size of my thumb nails when I got them.

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    Hollie, I have them under the greenhouse bench and leave the window open all night.

    i don't use rooting powder, but I think a lot of people do, I have tried both ways, no difference, 

    I prefer to do my fuchsia cuttings in water, that way you can put 3/4 in a little pot and see they root before planting up, saves space time and compost.

    i use the little pots that you get vitamins in. Or little yog pots.

    i did Bowles mauve and salvia hot lips last year, this year I am doing some penstemons as well. 

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 
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    Thanks Alina, I often use a propagator when I sow seeds and take the lid off usually when the seedlings are looking strong and healthy. Think I read or saw something that said that prevent wilting was crucial to good cuttings.

    Realistically can't see me  drying out the bags regularly, so might leave them on for a couple of days and then take them off


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    Hi again Lyn, thanks. Think I might take some more of my pale pretty pink fuschia that I have, but will do them in water. It's grown so well and it has flowers all over it so it's hard to find a non flowering shoot.

    I'm guessing I could just pinch out the flowers and then stick it in some water?

    I'm trying some Verbena Boneralis as well, I've got some in water in the kitchen window sill, not roots yet but still alive. Thinking of putting some of those in compost and seeing what happens.

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    hollie hock if you decided to use bags just turn them inside out I do image

  • hollie hockhollie hock Posts: 3,295

    That's a brilliant tip KEFimage would never have thought of that! Thanks

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