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im new to gardening, what flowers can i plant in july as ive just dug up the border in my front garden and would like to plant some flowers there.


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    You will need to take a trip to the garden centre or local diy store-at the moment there are plenty of summer bedding bargains to be had that will flower till the first frosts.

    Then plan for next yearimage

  • If  you go to the garden centre, there will be penty of plants in flower. Those can go in straight away. Plants in pots can go in more-or-less when you like, though if you leave it much later than this, they won't have much time to settle in and make root before everything starts to die back. You need to think about whether your soil is dry and light or wet or clayey and get advice (or look in a gardening book) for plants that suit those conditions, as well as how much sun the border gets and how tall you want the plants to be. Do you want shrubs or flowering perennials or annuals? The first two are more permanent but the third, annuals will give lots of brilliant colour.  There's one thing, though - if you put something in that gets too tall or doesn't like the condtions, you can always move it and gather gardening experience. Have fun!

  • Tinkerbell,

    As a general rule, if it's for sale in garden centres you can plant it out. As late summer (image) and autumn approach, you need to be hassling your friends for perennial plants they have split. Farmers' markets, WIs and gardening clubs can be good sources of cheap plants.

    Happy gardening!


  • Also car boot sales and those houses where people sell a few plants at the gate. If you find a WI market where the plants are cheap, please let me know!

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