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My neighbour has lots of chickens and lots of home made sheds made from scrap materials in his garden and resembles a shanty town so as well as being unpleasant to the eye it can be unpleasant to the nose when the wind is blowing in the wrong direction. I'm wondering what I could plant that is sweet smelling and possibly tall. Can be one or the other. I have a 200 foot length of garden to work with! Thanks in advance image


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    This is a tricky one!  Finding plants to mask the smell will be rather difficult, but some of those with powerful scents may help.  You could try lavender, nicotiana, sweet rocket, sweet peas, stocks, jasmine, witch hazel, viburnum, verbena, choisya, roses, for example. Perhaps it would be better to consider planting a mixed hedge (also good for wildlife) to hide the sheds and underplant with a mixture of scented plants which come into bloom at various times of the year?  If you get on with the neighbour, some of that smelly chicken waste would make extremely good fertilizer and quickly lose its' odour when dug-in the soil (just trying to think positively!)

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    Unfortunately with the weather we've been having, the soil in the run turns sour quicker. It is a very unpleasant smell if you're not used to it. There are several shrubs that are scented, but I find they aren't strong enough to mask any smells as you have to get up close to sniff. But things like Philadelphus 'Belle Etoille' has a strong scent, but then it's stronger in the evening. You would need to buy large plants to have immediate effect, which could prove to be expensive.  Unfortuantely unless your neighbour can move the run area for his hens, he / she is unlikely to want to dig over the bare soil. The hens would love it, but then it would quickly become muddy in the rain we're going to get for the next couple of weeks.

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