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Ants in the lawn



  • quafferquaffer Posts: 2

    I have about 20 red ant nests that have made a mess of my lawn. Last years I spent a fortune on the nematodes and followed the instructions by the book and they have already appeared this year after the winter. Complete waste of money.  Also the Nippon gel only works for black ants. When people mention ants they think they react the same but they do not. Red ants are not attracted to foodstuff which is what Nippon is.

    Having said all that I'm only able to point out what DOESNT work so I am still looking for the answer on how to rid myself of red ants. This is my second year in this house with my lovely garden after 25 years of living in the city with a paved roof garden. I couldn't wait until the summer to throw off my shoes and go barefoot on the cool grass but I am unable to image

  • quafferquaffer Posts: 2

    My grass at the moment is still uncut from the winter. It's rather damp and last year I had the sprinklers on it so I don't think they really care. Last year when we mowed it looked as though we had moles. It's awful

  • vanya514vanya514 Posts: 2

    I have just bought a house. There are loads of red ants nests in the garden. Two of them are about two feet high. I might be able to live with the smaller nests. But can anyone suggest how to get rid of the two huge ones?

  • wakeshinewakeshine Posts: 964

    I would like to know the answer to this too as we have ants nests throughout the lawn and red ones at the edges as per someone else image

  • mpatelmpatel Posts: 1

    Hi I have several really large red ant large nest mounds in my 'lawn' for years. I have tried the boiling water method but no joy. I have read the replies in this thread and a couple of solutions sounds good and also cost effective but wasn't sure if it worked on red ants as the person did not say what type of ants they were trying to get rid of. One was the lemon washing up liquid and the other was granulated sugar.  Can anyone please clarify? Many thanks

  • Pauline 7Pauline 7 West Yorkshire Posts: 1,875
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