Rambling Rose

Brycey DBrycey D Posts: 55


Just received a potted Rambling/Weeping Rose tree which we intend keeping in the pot for a while (till next summer hopefully) when we can do up the garden and decide where to plant it....only had it a week and a bit concerned that the numerous roses are already looking weary....gave it water....should we feed, prune, mulch, or all three....we are complete beginners to gerdening!!! Thanks for any help!


  • backyardeebackyardee Posts: 132

    Any idea what the variety is? It may not be repeat flower. It may have brought into flower for the selling purposes and the flowers are now fading. Are there any new buds? Or it may not have been kept outside. Location of pot may be vital too. Is it in a sheltered position. Does it need re potting? Maybe a couple of pics would help. One of the roses and another of the pot surface.

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