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Giving my Sage bush the chop.

Hi Guys. I have a sage bush that is taking over my herb container, and I want to give it a bit of a prune. If I give it a severe chop, will it sprout from the base, or is it one of those plants that you can only trim down a bit?


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 87,893

    I usually cut mine hard back in the spring, but regular taking of bunches for cooking also helps to keep it in check.  

    I'm pretty sure  it'll not object to being cut hard back - but to be on the safe side why note take some cuttings at the same time? image

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  • Thanks Dove-I'll leave it until the Spring then. Have taken some cuttings...just in case I get it wrong, and chopped quite a few lumps off to make some Apple and Herb Jelly.image

  • I always poke a few bits in the ground when I prune and they seem to root ever so easily.  I'm not sure it's not a bit like lavender though, in that you should not prune below a growing shoot .  I wonder how big your container is?  My sages are shrubs and need a bit of room.

  • Thanks everyone. Cuttings are already in pots, and will chop it back a bit, as it is getting a bit woody like you say Verdun. And yes GG, I wasn't sure about how far down I could prune.

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