Tomatoe plants with no flowers !

Some of my tomatoe plants are all leaf and no flowers, is it too late now, are they unlikely to have flowers and should I just throw them on the compost heap?



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    Everything is late this season because of low temperatures and light levels.  Mine are only starting to come into flower.  Be a bit more patient image

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    Mrs Lilly Pond wrote (see)

    Some of my tomatoe plants are all leaf and no flowers, is it too late now, are they unlikely to have flowers and should I just throw them on the compost heap?

    If they are outside it is going to be a struggle this year in my opinion -if they are in the greenhouse do not be tempted to feed or they will just keep producing leaf-as has been said be patient

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    Time and patience, for this dark wet summer it is early yet - you never know, we may get a decent late summer.   If so, you will be surprised how things will catch up.  This is not, in spite of what you might be reading, the first dark wet summer we have ever had - and usually, given a chance, things do catch up. 

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    Mine are exactly the same, so we'll be racing to see who's first, yours or mine! image

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    As Geoff says, avoid the temptation to feed them. In fact, don't feed them at all and keep watering to an absolute minimum. Regardless of the weather, they are more likely to produce flowers - the first step to reproducing themselves - if they think they're struggling for survival.

  • Ahhhhhh yes, I'm not always patient.......I'm new to tomatoe growing so wasn't sure what they were supposed to be doing and when.  They are in the greenhouse so I will just watch and wait and wait and wait.........Keep me posted Insomnia 1973 image Thanks all for your tips and comments, much appreciated.

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    An excellent tip for the future is to not plant them out into the greenhouse until you can see the first tiny set of flowers forming - keep them in their small pots until then.  If you plant them out before any flowers are forming, they can produce lots of lush greenery and delay the production of fruit.   By keeping them in small pots, they think that they will soon run out of nutrients and will try to produce seeds before they die - "tough love" if you like!  Don't worry if they look a bit leggy - once you can see the first flowers forming, plant them deep, up to the first set of leaves - the buried part of the stem will produce extra 'adventicious' roots.

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  • Thanks BobTheGardener, perhaps I was a little eager this time round to get them on their merry way ! I will definitely try your suggestions next year.

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    Oh man Bob! I just repotted mine a size up today, up to their first leaves!! LOL But I'll remember for next year! image

  • I put mine in grow bags ages ago, no wonder they are all leaf and no flower! 'Tough Love' from now on .....

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