Weeping pear

We have a weeping pear.  It hasn't flowered in seven years, since we moved into our present house.  How can we encourage it to flower?  Also, what is the best way to control its height?  It's presently about 8 feet tall and that is a nice height.  Any ideas, please?


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    I've never seen one taller, so I think you should have no concerns there, I've never rated the flowers much to be honest and I'd not bother if I had one which didn't flower. It sounds pretty fine to me.

  • Thank you.  That's reassuring, especially about the height.

  • I have one in my garden and as it hangs above a long raised bed I cut the hanging branches back to about 4' off from the ground at the end of winter.  Also use a step ladder to cut tall upward growing branches from the main area.  Have just been out to look at it and it is about 8' tall.  Every spring it is a mass of small white flowers which then turn into tiny pear shaped fruit.  The tree was a small rather poorly looking speciman when we moved into the house over 20 years ago and, at that time, I knew absolutely nothing about gardening, or about the tree, so it's present success really came about by trying to find similar trees in garden centres and reading their labels.  I have read that pruning it tends to make the branches stick out as opposed to hanging down but that doesn't seem to have happened.  I do love this tree and it's mass of silver foilage and although it's not in an ideal place would never get rid of it.

  • I now realise Verdun that I need to borow my son's heavy duty pruning shears to cut away the non flowering shoots inside the canopy.  Not been aware of them before as there are some nasty thorns on the branches which stop me looking under and into the tree when it has leaves on.  That will be a job for 2015 unless you know differently.

  • Thanks for that Verdun.  I will get it sorted this week.  I now realise that the reason I don't take out the bare branches is because I do it when the tree has no leaves on it so couldn't distinguish between the two.

  • Thanks to all.  I think I'll leave it as it is for the time being.  I understand that the fruit are inedible so maybe the flowers aren't that important.

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