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My lovely new sleeved orchid...

BerkleyBerkley Posts: 428

I have never grown this lovely plant before, but have just been given one. I have done quite a bit of research - but can't find the answer to one question. It is in a transparent pot with some roots hanging out over the edge. I know the roots like air, but the whole thing is  very top-heavy and I'm sure it will topple over. Will it be OK for me to stand it inside a larger, decorative pot? I could fill an inch or so of the space between the two pots with gravel.....but what about the roots hanging over the top? Can I squeeze them (ever so gently!) into the larger pot?


  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 22,659

    My son gave me an orchid in a transparent plastic pot and he bought a decorative pot to go with it. You can put gravel in the bigger pot which can be kept damp. The roots don't like overflowing into a plant saucer with water in it and they only need watering once a week in winter, but they do like a bit of humidity. If it's a phalaenopsis they can photosynthesise though their roots so you can leave them hanging over the top. Orchids can get quite top heavy and sometimes they are sold in very flimsy pots.

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    Orchids,the roots naturally grow out of the pot,they live in trees,they do not like gravel and most be watered with rain water not tap.they must dry out imagethoroughly and not left standing in water.stake  with a thin stick and tie.feed in summer and keep in warm room in half shade.they grow in bark and not earth.

  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 22,659

    I didn't mean grow it in gravel. It was how to stop it toppling over. I found that answer on the internet and it worked to wedge one pot inside a heavier pot. The article said keep the gravel damp. The orchid was growing in bark. The hanging out roots were hanging out of the outer pot, there were plenty more in the bark.

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  • sorry,miss understood,but do not keep damp they need to dry right me Ive lost a few to over watering and leaving in water.I have heard that some people actually fix them to a branch,which I guess is how they like to be.I wish you well with your orchid they are amazing plants.image

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