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Stunted strawberries

I hope someone can help me with my strawberry problems - I can't upload photos at the moment so I'll describe them. 

The problem doesn't affect all my plants.  They had good growth in the spring with white flowers.  Some of the flowers then developed a very pale pink tinge.  The fruits started to form but stopped between 1/4 and 1/2 inch and the seeds became very promient, and now look like a completely seed-covered minature green strawberry, and are very hard.  On some other plants the fruits continued to swell and have ripened and taste fine, but the vast majority of those which have continued to grow are mis-shapen - like the ones you get in 'budget' packs of strawberries in the supermarket. 

There are also some leaf problems; some of the leaves are curling and some of the leaves are turning red/brown at the edges.  None of the plants have both leaf symptoms, but there are stunted berries on plants with each of the leaf problems.

Some plants have ripened 'budget' style berries on them as well as 'stunted' hard berries.

I had the same problem last year and took some runners off apparently healthy plants; some of those runners have produced lovely fruit this year whilst others are afflicted with the problems.  I also bought a new parent plant last year which I planted at the other end of the allotment; the parent plant has produced lovely berries but all of the runners are afflicted with the leaf and berry problems.

I wondered if the plants were under-nourished as I can be a bit stingy with food but I gave them all a really good covering of home-made mulch in spring this year.

If you've got this far ... thank's for reading it all!  I'm really flummoxed by these problems and hope people can make suggestions as to what the cause/remedy might be.


  • Hello, Jinny....The problems you describe with the fruit of your strawberries is almost certainly down to lack of pollination, others are weather related.

    In fact, it would be more accurate to say that both problems are down to the rubbish summer.

  • Jinny37Jinny37 Posts: 2

    Thanks ever so much David, that gives me some comfort that I'm not doing anything wrong!  I'm off now to research pollination by hand!

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