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Pond pumps/filters

Is it essential to have a pump and filter in a garden pond?

Recently I've had problems with my filter pipes leaking, when fixed I had new leak!! I had to turn it off and I think to truly solve the problem would need drastic work, cutting into the cement and stones.

Not sure I like fountains but maybe I could fix one to the pump and this would oxygenate the pond? It's been off a few weeks now and all seems well but not sure if it will stay healthy?



  • FoolioFoolio Posts: 94

    if purely a wildlife pond then not needed but if u have fish you'll need both. 

  • Maybee1Maybee1 Posts: 11
    Only got 4 fish which i don't feed

    Got frogs, newts, dragonflies etc so lots wildlife
  • Mark 499Mark 499 Posts: 380

    It  depends on the size of the pond & the size of the fish really, are they goldfish?

  • Maybee1Maybee1 Posts: 11
    2goldfish others bronze? They were in pond when i moved into house. The pond was so overgrown previous owner said there were no fish in it!! I found them when i cleared pond and revamped it somewhat
  • madpenguinmadpenguin Posts: 2,536

    I have had the same pond for over 20 years and it has never had a filter or fountain.

    Several goldfish which breed every year and a couple of tench.Plenty of frogspawn in the spring,toads and newts as well.

    I used to have a problem with blanketweed but use 'Blanket Answer' now and all is fine.Green water I treat with barley straw extract to some effect.

    It is not a huge pond and I clean it out completely once a year (usually in spring) and re-pot plants and remove sludge at the bottom etc.

    I also have a tiny wildlife pond which gets the same treatment but does not have any fish in it.

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  • Mark 499Mark 499 Posts: 380

    If you only have 4 goldfish you don't need a filter, the pond should find a natural balance.

  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,851

    I've never had a pump in any of my ponds - with fish and without. Mark's right - a proper balance with oxygenators and other planting is ample. In long dry spells, I used to aerate it a bit with the hose - fixed through the garden fork handle and stuck in the border next to the pond - to simulate rainfall. There's various ways of dealing with blanket weed and algae etc - everyone has their own preference depending on the size of the pond. I've always found watercress ideal, especially in smaller ponds, and it's easy to pull out if it gets a bit overgrown. image

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  • Maybee1Maybee1 Posts: 11

    imageThanks for all the comments.

    It sounds as tho' I should be ok, blanket weed is only a slight problem, mainly on those 1st hot days of the year before the irises grow up and provide shade. I use a brush to 'twist' it out.

    Of course I guess it'll be healthier when I'm not continually having to top up with tap water.

    I'll miss the sound of running water tho' when the waterfall is not on image 

  • I too miss the sound of running water.  I run the pump for 1 week and then give it a rest for a week.  The 4 fish do not seem to mind.  1 Koy Carp and 3 goldfish.

  • I've recently completely overhauled the pond that was overgrown from neglect from the previous elderly owner, replacing the brittle liner with a Butyl one & installed 8 tiny goldfish, one died, but the other seven are quite big now. I've installed the Aquaflow system which is running 24/7 & converted an ornamental cast iron hand pump which is fed from a separate pump. I have this on a timer, 1hr on 2hrs off from 8am till 10pm. The sound of running water as we step out of the conservatory is great.

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