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hi, i treated my pot plants for vineweevil just over a week ago, but found new evidence of leaves being eaten at the edges today. i've seen the grubs in many of the pots, have repotted etc etc. i think i've used the correct amount of provado for each pot, but wonder if i should redo or will it kill the plants?



  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    It's the adult beetles that eat the leaves, and they're not controlled by Provado, only the grubs in the pots are. To stop the leaf eating you'll need to pick off the beetles at night.

  • Would a generic insect spray used just before nightfall help? I had vine weevil in pots and beds, but used nematodes, which worked very well - grubs gone and eventually the beetles too, without having to spray. Good luck.

  • daituomdaituom Posts: 83

    The problem with the leaves is more likely to be Keel slugs, so sprinkle some slug pellets on the compost.

  • I had never realised how athletic slugs can be until I found a whole group of them in the ivy at the top of a nearly six-foot wall. Or is Next Door disposing of his slugs by chucking them over the wall?

    Ha Ha ! Yes it could be your neighbour ! Slugs get just about everywhere, there is no stopping the slimy little critters !
  • nematoes for slugs completely wiped out the huge slug population in my tiny garden

  • silesile Posts: 2

    thanks for the very helpful tips, will follow advice

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