sopping wet climbing roses

suziiisuziii Posts: 12

Brittany = very wet! The leaves of our climbing New Dawn roses are completly brown spotted & all the buds have turned brown too. Any experts out there to advise? Shall I cut all shoots back drastically & wait for new growth when the weather remembers that July shouldn't be this soggy & is in the summer! Too drastic?

Please advise.



Oh, and I tried to add this post to 'July in the garden' but it said it had been returned

very puzzled!


  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    I'm sure that I answered this a couple of days ago - must be going mad.

    If they are really just brown spots leave it be - the problem is the weather, and you won't get any improvement until that changes, whatever you do. Just trim it back as normal when dead heading.

  • daituomdaituom Posts: 83

    I agree with Alina, nothing to do except dead head as normal.image

  • suziiisuziii Posts: 12

    Thank you for advice - but whole back wall is covered with grotty brown roses... looks awful!  image But will do as you all suggest.

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