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I would email the experts but hopefully my gardening colleagues can solve this issue.

I laid a new lawn over 2 months ago, and followed all the rules, not standing on it for the required time, watering it for a full month etc etc. On my first cut i took it to a height of 30cm, the second and third 20cm. Even though it looks like it is flourishing, on cutting it, i notice that there are patches where it has died of, which is unsightly to say the least. I have no idea why this has happened, is it the soil which i filtered so it was extremely fine, do i need to just add lawn feed to encourage growth, aireate the soil or is it because of the amount of rain we have had.?


  • Chris9Chris9 Posts: 92


    I have recently asked the same question on a thread 'Evergreen'.  I had the same problem on the thread I was encouraged to mow more often and also used Evergreen Lawn feed the one without weed killer and it seems to be working the grass is gradually turning green and looking healther. There is some great advice on this thread so have alook.  I mowed the lawn today, it has been a great sunny day and waited until the sun had gone down behind the trees, it is looking better so I would say feed it and as I was advised mow regularly, we have started to mow twice a week when weather permitting.

    regards Chris

  • ogsterogster Posts: 88

    Thankyou Chris,

    Did you have parts that had died off though, like where they where joined etc etc. Did the lawn feed help that grow back naturally or did you put more seed down?

    Regards Gav

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