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Daphne Odora 'Aureomarginata'

JohnnCJohnnC Posts: 3

Hi all,

I live in Dublin, Ireland. I purchased a Daphne Odora 'Aureomarginata' last year and planted it in my flower bed near the hall door. It is now growing well with lots of new growth. Im just a bit worried about the colour of the plant as the leaves are not a dark green like they should be. They are more of a pale green and not all leaves have the golden edging. Also, does anyone know when they start to bud? I know they flower in winter but just wondering when we see the plant forming buds. The plant gets early morning sun and is planted in a well drained soil.



  • JohnnCJohnnC Posts: 3

    Hi Verdun,

    Thanks for the reply. I have never given the plant a feed wanted to wait for it to establish a good root system first. You could be right with the watering though, we are having a very hot and dry summer too. I didn't know that the variegation can change from season to season so hopefully thats that issue sorted! I'll let you know how she gets on anyway! Thanks again


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