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I have been reading a very interesting book about Geoff Hamiltons 'Barnsdale' and it is only through reading the book that I discovered / realised that the Barnsdale ground was divided into many smaller 'show gardens' that were created by Geoff and used on the Gardeners World TV show.

The Question I have is 'What size would you say a garden is?'

How would you classify the size of a garden?

Look forward to your replies


  • That's a very good question wirral27.In an Alan Titchmarsh book I have he defines a small garden as less than a tennis court 260 sq metres). In that case my current front garden is small and my back garden is minute, although its crammed with plants. Whoever built these houses obviously wasn't a gardener otherwise they'd have reversed this order.

    Barnsdale is well worth a visit, though most of the "small"  gardens are bigger than mine

  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    Hmm. I like AT, but he's obviously never looked at modern housing developments, or he would have knocked the zero off his figure image

  • auntie bettyauntie betty Posts: 208

    To me, assuming the width is about 25-45ftish, you've got a yard (or terrace if you're posh) which is maybe up to 15ft long, then small which is up to perhaps 50 ft long, 50-80ft is average, 80-180ft good-sized, 180ft to half an acre large, and anything bigger than that is having grounds! I'm in the top end of good-sized myself. But like the saying goes, its what you do with it that countsimage. x

  • Pennine PetalPennine Petal Posts: 1,540
    We often LOLat their ideas of a small garden, mine is 15ft wide x 30ft of steepish hillside, packed with perennials and shrubs, I love it, but long for a larger flat patch. Have seen some fantastic tiny NGS gardens though.
  • wirral27wirral27 Posts: 4

    The garden in my first home was approx 30 ft x 120 ft, a size you could do things with. Sadly since I had to move, the garden I have now is approx 15 ft x 30 ft, as long as my other garden was wide! Then when you reduce the available area used, for the paved area 15 ft x 10 ft, the 6 ft x 8 ft shed, a raised veg garden 8 ft x 2ft  suddenly approx 1/2 the garden is used, and that is before the flower/ shrub borders are taken into account!

    Many thanks for your replies

    So many flowers, so little space to put them.


  • Living roof? Living walls? I'm toying with the idea on my brick shed. Don't think I'd be using the units they ued at the GW Show though £100 + per set? Don't think so


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