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Hi Folks,

planted 3 Rhododendrons into the ground a month ago and put plenty of ericaceous compost under them. Would I need to give them a good potash feed  or would it make the soil too rich,  just let the nutrients in the compost do the job this year. They are about 18" high now. I have nettle soup (mix of dandelion and nettle), will I give it some of that instead.




  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,414

    Angela, your biggest problem is drying out Rhododendron hate that, they are setting root a mulch if you can get it of half rotted manure and straw helps keep the moisture in if not a mulch of garden compost or leaf mould. They do like well drained sandy soil, sounds daft after saying do not let them dry out, their natural habitat is part shaded woodland damp with morning dew. It will take a year or so to grow and flower properly both mine and my Daughters have been the best ever this year and they are both very old plants. Be patient, make sure the soil is slightly acidic and enjoy as they mature.


  • Well rotted horse manure would help them along and act as a mulch too.

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