potatoes again

Hi i have planted 2 variaties maris piper and charlotte in bags... They have grown really well and I keep them well watered and fed..The maris piper are in flower but the charlottes arent but I have had a look and there are potatoes in the charlotte bags,,,

Now i planted these 2 sorts 'cos it said charlotte for summer new potatoes and maris piper for september onwards...Is this right ?

When do i pick them.

thanksfor any advice


  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,806

    Yes-that is right-you can harvest the charlottes about now-just take what you need on a daily basis by having a rummage in the bags rather than tipping it all out and then having to store them.

  • Green MagpieGreen Magpie Posts: 677

    Don't worry about the lack of flowers. I grow Charlotte and sometimes they don't have many flowers. This year mine hardly have leaves either, but that's another matter .. You've done very well to get a crop in such an awful summer, so just pull out some Charlotte as you need them (they will stay fresher in the ground) amd eat them with a little butter and salt. Yum.

  • I grow charlotte and swift on my allotment.  I plant swift in 1st week of march and it crops well in late may.  the haulm is tiny , in fact far smaller than any other potato and you dont think that there will be anything under it but you would be surprised.  The charlotte is used from mid june and i carry  on using them as old potatoes and they still have that nice new potato flavour.  We now have blight on our site due to the rain no doubt. have a look at yours!!

  • I've had a look at mine mark and they look lush and healthy so far....up here in North Wales we have had alot of rain but also so lovely sunny spells....I'm looking forward to trying the potatoes as this is my 1st year growing veg..i've already had a courgette and some peas..its sooooo rewarding ..love it.

    Thanks sotongeoff and green Magpie for your help also.

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