Shed of the year

Didn't think much of this weeks episode except for the American style log cabin image

Do any of you guys have such amazing sheds? would love to see pics

I dream of building cabin/summer house image But can not make up my mind on design image



  • I have to say I was rather surprised that the Caribbean one won it's section, but hey ho that's what the voters liked. 

    Unfortunately my shed was inherited from my Landlord, has a dodgy roof and bottom and a rather intimidating family of giant spiders inhabiting it ..........

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    That's what we said "hey ho" ish too image

    Oh no not intimidating spiders! That's a whole new thread image image

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    Results are a mystery to me too. That video shed the other week was bottom of my list, just a cheap house extension.

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    Think it's a boy thing as my OH loved it image

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    Could well be a boy thing...  image  My favourite on that programme was the teapot-shaped one.  Totally whacky!  And the idea of an eco shed just seems so sensible - why spend thousands if you can build it for next to nothing?

    Unfortunately since my house is in a conservation area I have to conform with my shed... hence it's boringly small and dark brown.  image

    "The one who plants trees, knowing that he will never sit in their shade, has at least started to understand the meaning of life."  Rabindranath Tagore
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    Oh I loved the Eco ones too Liri, and especially that tea pot! image

    I thought the winner of that section was well deserved though and agreed him being the winner but if I could have one it would have been the lovely one where the guy lets  cyclists stay the night for nothing! Tempted me to borrow a bike and cycle past image

    I had no idea that in conservation areas that they dictated on your sheds too! Can it be seen from the roadside then or do they send helicopters over?!! image

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    My son has just built a pub in his garden - most of the bits and bobs came off ebay and car boots image




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    Oh lilylouise that is fantastic! I bet you are round your sons all the time now image

    When is opening time? image

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    This little brown shed is from B n Q cost approx £130 . It's the best little shed I've ever had. Doesn't leak, everything in there is bone dry, and if you use the plastic outer packaging you have an insulated floor. It does come with a floor though.


    This is an old summer house I 'acquired' . As you can see it needs tarting up which I will get around to when I've finished my pebble garden. I know a man who can but he's not available at the mo.I already have the blinds for windows (from old kitchen) the paint and cushions for the seating. We have already sat in it on a wet afternoon and had a cup of Tomatoe soup and cheese sarnie. Better than the Ritz. (Nearly) image

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