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star jasmin loosin leaves

my star jasmins leaves are starting to turn yellow and although it is covered in flowers I was wondering if this is a sign of the dreaded vine weavil !! I have tried to dig around the roots but have found nothing yet


  • I have a similar problem and have been wondering whether it needs iron? I also have the Japanese one (can't remember its proper name  but it is similar to, but smaller than, the star jasmine and apparently a bit hardier) which I planted last year and it has done absolutely nothing at all. Its leaves are dark and healthy-looking but no flowers yet and absoutely no growth. Do they just make root in their first year, I wonder?

  • centuricenturi Posts: 37

    they do tend to be very slow in the first couple of years.I have two which after 5 or 6 years did nothing and then sudenly took off and the one planted in the garden has to be pruned every year ;The one in the container already suffered vine weavil invasion so not sure if it isn't having the same problem this time so I will just give it some anti VW in liquid form

  • Thanks for the info regarding a slow start. Mine have only been in for a year so I'll have patience. Do you know anything about feeding them? Specifically, do they like acidic soil - mine is slightly alkaline?

  • centuricenturi Posts: 37

    mine grow in quite ordinary soil and I feed once in spring with some liquid tomatoe fertilizer

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