Talkback: How to make a home for stag beetles

As a 'Retired' Nurse & D.I.Y. Fan the Illustrated use of a Stanley Knife to cut these holes is HIGHLY DANGEROUS!! Use a Plumbers 'Holecutter' on your Drill, Fill Bucket with Sand. Save spending time in A.& E. studying 'Suture Technique'!! [Hole-cutters are in Pound Shops or Market Stalls Very Cheap]
Safe Gardening.



  • Trish3Trish3 Posts: 13
    In the past whilst digging out the compost from my heaps I came across several large grubs with orange heads - can't say I noticed any leg stubs - These may well have been stag beetle grubs.

    As I am about to dig out the compost heaps to spread on the garden, if I should come across these grubs what should I do with them? Last time I threw them under the hedge.
  • Leave them untroubled.

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