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Witch Hazel

We have recently uprooted a Witch Hazel tree (approx. 5m high). The bark has been badly damaged in or or two areas when the mechanical digger dug it up. Are there any recommended remedies for binding or healing these areas and protecting from disease?


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,295

    Unless you live in the southern hemisphere are it's winter I wouldn't hold much hope for this tree. 

    It's been moved at the wrong time and very cruelly. 

    You can clean up the edges of the damage and apply some paint-on stuff, can't remember its name, someone will. It's sold for painting on where branches have been cut off. Arbrox or Arbrex or something like that

    A photo of the extent of the damage would help with a prognosis

    In the sticks near Peterborough
  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    I agree with nutcutlet - it's a big tree, which means it has a large root system that has been lost, and this is the worst possible time of year to try and move it. Sorry!

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