Rose "cutting"

I'm hoping one of you can help out on this one please?

My cousin is in a hospice and when I visited the other week we wandered past the most beautiful rose. It's a climber and although I don't know the varity  it reminds me of one we had at our Grans house which was called Alexandra, what I would call old fashioned and with the most beautiful scent.

Anyway he very kindly liberated a cutting for me, working on the theory I would get in trouble but he wouldn't.

I took it home an stuck it in some water, which has worked previously for me, nothing fancy pants just in water and roots start sprouting.

Anyway, the cutting foxed me, it flopped over and looked very sorry for it's self. To try and save the day a bit I decided to stick it in some potting comport, this seem to work every time for his mum!

It's still a floppy plant! do I just need to be patient or it it nearly curtains for the cutting? at the moment it's clearly still alive, the leaves are still a healthy green it's just the stem which isn't too happy

Thanks for your help image


  • joslowjoslow Posts: 219

    I hate to ask but you did remove the flower, cause I tried this and no one told me that bit. Did he have secetars?

  • weejennyweejenny Posts: 391

    First thing you do for cuttings is have a wee food bag in your pocket with damp kitchen roll in it so you have something to wrap the cutting in so it doesnt dry out...It would have been better to have put it in a mix of compost and sand right away Im afraid it sounds like its had itimage Im sure youll visit your cousin again, very sad hes in a hospice, Now what to do is get your cousin to be the look out and then youve to look as if your very interested in the rose looking at it very closely then just go for it, I know this works I do it all the time.. not been caught yet!! If you could get at least two bits with a heel, by slicing a bit off about six inches long, at a join. I dont use hormone rooting powder but you can if you want. I took cuttings a couple of years ago with a very old white rose the cuttngs are now about 3ft. I love doing cuttings. Leave the cuttings in a cool place in the garden keep them damp it might take a couple of months but hopefully worth itimage

  • Moonlit HareMoonlit Hare Posts: 153

    Well I checked the cutting last night when I got home and you're right, the wee thing has croaked it!

    Joslow, no there weren't any flowers.

    We're going on another ramraid this weekend! I might be nearly 40 but we can still lead each other astray and be a bit naughty! The bush is right next to the path so yes you're right there is lots and lots of over acting and hamming up of smelling the pretty flowers! image Hope this one takes!

  • weejennyweejenny Posts: 391

    Good for you ha ha go for it.. image let me know if cuttings take.


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