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Peach tree


It's my parents wedding anniversary soon and thought we might buy them a peach tree as I know my Mum wants one.

Is there a specific kind which would be better to buy? We would like to get something this month if that's possible. (i'm not sure if that's possible or within season)


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 82,743

    I've not grown peaches (yet) so can't offer any personal experiences, but this website should be helpful

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  • KezzaKezza Posts: 90

    I bought a peach tree a couple of months back from Homebase, which was basically dead unbeknown to meimage I persevered with it, stared at it every day, but still it didn't grow.  I'm gonna dig up the stick now, and plant a fig tree.  Got one of those for the garden, and one for the greenhouse, so both options covered.


    There was another thread on here a month or so ago from someone else who had bought a peach tree from Homebase, which wasn't particularly showing (many / any) signs of life, so perhaps shop around.


    Good luck with whichever one you get for your parents.image

  • gerryagerrya Posts: 7

    Try Reads Nursery for a flat, loose stone peach whcih is a heavy cropper, absolutely delicious and hardy.  It will just need a little protection for the blossom in spring to allow the fruit to set and trained as a fan against a wall this would be easy with fleece.

    I'm currently eating about 4 a day from our local market and am planning to buy one myself.

    Ponoma Fruits also have one called Jalousia which is reputed to be very sweet, but there's aren't ready trained so will take a liittle longer to crop.

  • averil 2averil 2 Posts: 36

    Hi there, I hope you dont mind me butting in on your thread. Just to follow on from Kezza's post it was me that had got a peach from homebase and like her I stared at it every day for signs of life.....there was nothing. I took it back and they gave me one that was already in leaf and its okay, but to be honest if i was to buy another one i would probably go to a nursery and get a lot of advice re growing

  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,391

    If you buy one now, it would have to be a 'patio peach' type and already growing well in a large pot, as it is out of season for buying 'bare root' stock which would normally only be supplied in the winter when they are dormant.  They are best kept close to a south-facing wall in order to do well in the UK and must be watered and fed regularly.  I've just been out and counted 19 peaches on mine, which is planted in in a large (1m dia.) container in my south-facing front garden. The fruit looks like it will be ready in about a month - yum!  image

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  • thisismethisisme Posts: 2

    thanks so much for all the responses! it's really helpful. I think they will be pleased and hopefully will get lots of fruit to share as well!

    Thanks again image

  • i have a peach tree  but all the leaves are red and brown  it looks proper unhealthy can any one advice me what i can do was given it as a birthday preseant


  • i also got my peach tree from homebase there are green shoots on it but it blossomed  i tried to pollinate it with a brush  got what looks like a fruit  but it dropped off see how it goes 

  • Hello thisisme,

    peaches and nectarines can be a bit fussy, not liking damp and will need some protection. whereabouts in the country are your folks as this may be a consideration?

    I've just noticed the date of your message (even though it's come up on recent threads/ replies...)

    If not too late, i really think going to an RHS garden to ask the experts at one of their Grow Your Own or Fruit Festivals is the best place to get advice and buy a good specimen. 

    If you're not too far from the south, the Brogdale Collection (National Fruit Collection  in Kent) might be an option. they have festivals and themed open days for all kinds of fruit, and can offer excellent advice on which variety to choose, positioning and care.

    I'm sure the website offers this too if you are further afield, and I'm sure they would be very helpful to email/ phone enquiries.

    All the best,



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