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Hi - wife bought me a young laburnum tree last year and we planted it in the front garden - once planted we noticed the tips of many of the leaves were turning brown and this spread to most of the leaf - thought it was just the stress of the planting but this year the leaves have showed the same problem - the tips turned brown and now they have a blotchy brown over many of the leaves - any idea of what the problem is - are there any treatments I can purchase/ apply


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    Hi Gavin. Did you prepare the area well before planting, and keep it well watered and mulched through the dry summer last year? New trees need a fair bit of attention initially till they get established, and if the site isn't perfect, it may  be as simple as lack of water. An open, exposed site can mean a bit of damage from wind which also results in leaves getting brown and crisp, so does that sound like the spot you've planted it?

    Any extra info will be very helpful or a pic if you can post one. Click on the green tree icon and follow the instructions image

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  • Hi - thanks for the reply - didn't really prepare the ground much but we have neighbours with well established laburnums and the ground is always well water as we live in Northern Ireland where it rains 364 days a year lol - pic posted just below post - cheers

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    Alternatively if you didn't really prepare the area and just dug a hole and popped it in, it may be in a sump, particularly if it rains as much as you say - and laburnums really hate being waterlogged.  image


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  • Lol - maybe I exaggerated the rain - although it's lashing as I type - tree looked healthy when it started sprouting leave and the yellow flowers but then the browning staretc - are there any "treatments" I can apply - it defo isn't burning from lack of water and the garden is at the front of the house and drains well 

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    Gavin - we have the same problem with rain here in Scotland!

    Dove' right  - if the hole's not prepared with compost etc when planting, water can just collect in it, especially if you have clay soil. It dries out in hot weather and becomes solid and sticky in rain so needs some improving before planting anything.  Plants will sometimes take a while to show signs of damage.  However,  I'm just looking at your pic and I can see some dead grass in the background. Has there been weedkiller used in the area? It could have drifted onto the foliage.

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  • Thanks for all the replies - the dead grass is in the neighbours garden from the lack of care and cutting the grass too short 

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    May be worthwhile to take a branch of it back to the nursery and see what they say. They may have an idea.

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    Are the tips of the branches and twigs affected in any way or is it just the leaves?

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