Bare spot problem

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In my north-facing border (in Dorset) I have a bare spot between an osmanthus and a fuchsia. At the moment a number of alliums are in bloom, but they are leggy and not really deserving of a prominent position. When can I re-locate the allium and what would you recommend for the resulting bare spot?


  • Heucherella alabama sunrise, it pretty and copes well with a north facing boarder, it's bright leaves bring some light to a darker patch. Likes well drained soil.

  • BerkleyBerkley Posts: 331
    Many thanks for your reply! I like your idea - I have a number of heucherella tapestry and like these very much....
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    I have that Heucherella - in exactly that location. I also have a Tiarella there (which get crossed with Heucheras to make the Heucherellas) They flower constantly through the summer - mine's still going and has been since April. Lots of that family will do well there, plenty of choice in foliage colour too. You can also use foliage plants like Euonymous -gold/green and cream/green,  and the shrubby honeysuckle 'Lonicera' - I have a couple of the brighter ones for the same border. Astilbes will be happy there - they like a bit of moisture so it depends on your soil. Whites through to deep pinks.

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