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Slugs and copper

Slugs are eating all my veg. The only thing that seems to work are copper rings, but they are expensive for whole rows, so I limit them to spot plants like courgettes, squash and toms

 Has anyone tried fixing copper sheeting all the way around the top of raised beds? - mine are 3m x 1m. It wouldn't be cheap, (around £40 per bed) but assuming it lasts several years then after 2 years it would be cheaper than all the nematodes, wool pellets, etc that I have tried. I was thinking of using a band 0.7mm thick and 50mm across.

Has anyone tried anything similar, and does copper work on a large scale?


  • donutsmrsdonutsmrs Posts: 479

    My husband has put stripped back household copper wire around my raised bed and it works a treat, those slugs haven'nt eaten my beans. He picked it up from a car boot sale along with some tomorite. It is surprising what you can get for the garden at a car boot sale.

  • Very pleased to hear it works, and with with stripped back wire - I thought the barrier would have to be much wider. Perhaps this is going to cheaper than I thought.

    Have you just used one thickness of wire?

  • donutsmrsdonutsmrs Posts: 479

    Just one strand out of the centre of the 3 core grey flat cable. He stapled this to the top of the wood. It does need cleaning every year, my husband used a cloth with brown sauce ( yes I did say brown sauce) and rubbed it until it was shiney. Good luck.

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